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All the main masthead subscriptions in a single application Beeline TV! Very convenient! There is no need to download several apps to your TV and switch between them for each of the services! Open Beeline TV and you will have access to the absolute entire library for subscriptions Amediateka, Start, Vippay and a little more! All types of subscriptions are already paid for and will not go anywhere.

Installation instructions:

1) Download the Beeline TV app to your TV/phone, or watch it via the PC browser https://beeline.tv/tv/.
2) Enter the provided username, which will be displayed after the purchase.
3) write To me I will approve the session to log in to your profile

Access to the profile where all the listed popdpisks are activated, namely: START, AMEDIATEKA, VIP PLAY
One of your purchases is designed for 1 device (PC / TV/Phone)
24/7 support.

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